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The Home of Elio Ferraro

Antique Expert and Gallery Store Owner, Elio Ferraro’s Apartment in Florence is busy, lively and interesting. I particularly love the balcony.

“Interested in discovering different cultures travel was an on-going preoccupation for Elio which led to countless art and fashion discoveries now amassed into an extremely eclectic and impressive personal collection. Beauty is found within the walls of his tranquil home in the historical centre of Florence; somewhat of an island or refuge. Rich colours and individual objects become united, presenting an awe-inspiring integrated environment.”

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The Home and Studio of Artist Judy Millar

Auckland New Zealand

Her enchanted garden, breath taking view and a home that is nothing but her very own.

‘Within this environment, Judy creates expressive, often sculptural paintings and installations that reference the history of painting within a conceptual framework. Her works synthesise colour, sound and space. In 2009, she was chosen to represent New Zealand at the Venice Biennale and today, continues to exhibit locally and throughout Europe. Despite her love of travel, Judy continues to be drawn back to the recurring sound of crashing waves below her boathouse.’

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