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People watching and outfit spotting

I love people watching, especially when said people are ridiculously stylish so I’ve put together my top 10 street style blogs to follow.

1. The Satorialist
Of course, the blog that started it all. Scott Schuman’s wildly popular site launched in 2005 and has been steadily growing since then.

The Satorialist

2. Street peeper
One of the most influential street style photographers, Phil Oh’s site features a perfect blend of the street style “in crowd” (Elena Perminova, Miroslava Duma, Susie Bubble, Elisa Nalin, etc) and lesser-know but equally as captivating people throughout New York, Paris, London, Sydney and Milan.


3. Stockholm streetstyle
A packed-to-capacity street blog featuring young, attractive, and amazingly well-dressed folks from Stockholm and beyond.

Stockholm streetstyle

4. Altamira
A blog dedicated to images of models off duty.


5. Tommy Ton
One of the foremost street style photographers, Ton is known for his high-gloss, detailed, aspirational shots of influential industry people. Apart from his own blog, his work can also be seen on Style.com during international Fashion Weeks.

Tommy Ton

6. Candice Lake
Australian-born Lake is a London-based photographer, blogger, model and Contributing Style Editor at Vogue, and her work—namely her wonderful portraits—showcases her industry savvy.


7. Where did u get that street
Her personal style blog Where Did U Get That is superb and this one is nothing less.

Where did u get that street

8. Garbage lapslap
Street style straight out of Japan. (And we all know how that lot dress!)

Garbage lap slaps

9. The Locals
A street style blog portraying the fashion on the streets of Copenhagen and the rest of the world – captured by Søren Jepsen, former photographer and creator of Copenhagen Streetstyle.

The Locals

10. Streetgeist
Streetgeist is a street style photography blog based in Los Angeles. Originally based in Athens Greece streetgeist was born in October 2008 as a street portrait project by two longtime friends that were inspired by other similar projects around the world.



The jeans that Mom wore

The pleats, the high waist, the heart shaped bum. Yes, I do believe they have made a comeback.

It truly fascinates me how some people can throw on an item of clothing that most regard as revolting or an absolute no-go and they look like they’ve just been styled by the highest order. If I had to put these on I’d walk outside straight into an old man wearing the exact same pair (who would then smile and awkwardly give me a thumbs up and a wink towards our twin pants) and then I’d run inside, possibly cry and ask ‘why does it always happen to me!’, throw on a pair of leggings and banish the mom jeans, that probably cost me a fortune, to the back of the cupboard where they would stay until I never gave them away.

The Mom jeans might be making a return for the seriously trendy, stylish and brave but let us not forget that these acid washed beauties might never actually have left the well rounded thighs of some. Even though I would look terrible in them, I can appreciate the girls who wear them with such confidence and are probably too young to know where they got their name from.

International Street Style

International Street Style

A love is blind Tumblr

A love is blind Tumblr



The White Pepper

The White Pepper

The man Repeller

The Man Repeller

Suzanne Middlemass

Suzanne Middlemass

International Street Style

International Street Style

International Street Style

International Street Style

Stella McCartney

I don’t know if this old news but I just came across this Stella McCartney mohair jumper and oversized coat and I almost died! Its gorgeous and the colours are perfect for any outfit.

This is the top of the list winter must have with a lovely oversized price (€780) so for now these will have to stay in my virtual cupboard and maybe, if I find them in a shop I’ll PPS them and get to wear it at least once in my life.

Stella McCartneyStella McCartneyVogue UKTwo DenimStockholm StreetstyleStockholm StreetstylePolyvorehowtowear2Polyvorehowtowear

1 – Stella McCartney
2 – Romygold
3 – H&M
4 – Choies
5 – Tom Taylor

(Images: Stockholm Streetstyle)

Looking sharp!

I stumbled over this blog on Tumblr last night. I thought these black dudes looking so smart was pretty darn cool.

‘Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs are the faces and voices being the popular mens lifestyle website Street Etiquette. Founded in 2008, Street Etiquette showcases style using a cultural, historical and urban perspective. With sartorial influences stretching from all parts of the world and eras, Street Etiquette has managed to assemble a truly unique view of fashionable menswear. Among other accolades, Street Etiquette has been featured in magazines such as GQ, Complex, Essence and Fantastic Man, it was ranked Best Men’s Style Blog by the Guardian UK, and named among “40 Bloggers Who Really Count” by the London Times. The New York Times published an article, “ Serious About Cool” that told the story of Street Etiquette’s cultural success and the duo that founded it.’

tumblr_mttag9YzNE1qz9sx7o1_400tumblr_mtrfl7MT1E1qz9sx7o1_400tumblr_mthhe1DhgF1rqdft1o1_400tumblr_mtbk0kv3qq1rv49x2o3_1280tumblr_msf6exbWdG1qz9sx7o1_400Street etiquetteStreet etiquette 2

(Images: Street Etiquette.com)