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We went to Berlin over Christmas and while walking around one evening we came across a poster for some or other years eve party that had just been glued on the wall under a bridge. It was lovely. Black and white with a simple illustration of a bear (or owl) and an address – simple, minimal just what I like in a poster.

Some other poster illustrations I love…
Clara Alden Agent bauer

fredrik Tjernstrom 2

fredrik Tjernstrom 3

fredrik Tjernstrom

Graham Samuels agent bauer 2

Graham Samuels agent bauer

Moley Talhaoui



(Illustrators: Clara Alden, Fredrik Tjernstrom, Graham Samuels, Maja Sten, Moley Talhaoui)

Loads more here

Bears and Badgers

That pencil scarf is amazing, by the way.





Another wonderful find on my new favourite site for things I’ll never buy, Etsy. Julia Pott posters of bears and badgers in chunky knit sweaters and mittens, and an unlikely friendship between a sloth and a mammoth. This, my friends, is art. Van Gogh who?

(Images: Julia Pott, Etsy)

Animal Art

There are a lot of things I love when it comes to my type of art. Lately these things include colourful birds, deer antlers and animal heads on human bodies dressed in fancy human outfits doing things only humans can do, so you can only imagine my excitement when I found Loopy Lolly on Etsy selling posters of all of those wonderful elements combined.

I can just see these hanging in the entrance way of our new apartment, much to Simon’s horror. Every evening he’ll arrive home to be greeted by a very grand (yet judgmental) looking Sausage dog in a top hat or a pigeon with an eye glass. What a welcome!










(Images: Loopy Lolly)

Home: Where creativity lives

Whether its a desk in an office block, a home office or a work bench surrounded by tools and slashes of paint, I believe that what surrounds you while you work offers inspiration and creativity that shows in your final product.

Blood and Champagne
PinterestPinterest 2

Markus Lawett via Agent Bauer

Markus Lawett via Agent Bauer

Markus Lawett via Agent Bauer

Markus Lawett via Agent Bauer

Kristofer Johnsson via Agent Bauer

Kristofer Johnsson via Agent Bauer

Brian Ferry

Brian Ferry

Blood and Champagne

Blood and Champagne


(Images: Blood and Champagne, Agent Bauer, Pinterest)