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Pinteresting: Relax

Today, because I have neglected my little blog a bit, I want to feature one of my own boards. Its entitled relax and its very apt for how I would like to feel at the moment after an overly emotional week.

The pictures on this board let me get lost and go far away from the disappointment, confusion and worry of everyday and into places of peace and calm where I wish every soul could be, always.

A lot of these pictures also feature books, which I have, since moving to Amsterdam, found tremendous comfort in have become my guilty pleasure. There is nothing better than finding a book you cant put down, curling up in a cozy corner with a cup of tea or lying out in the sun on a relaxing summer holiday and reading for hours with no worries of what’s to be done.














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Beautiful and inspiring photos from Jennifer Causey of sunny days and heart warming meals that remind me of happy events that no one wants to end. The excited hello’s of visitors arriving and the comfort in hearing someone say, ‘Yes, lets have some tea’ which means that end hadn’t quite arrived.

Jennifer Causey


Jennifer CauseyJennifercausey8JenniferCausey7Pai Family Korean BBQJennifercausey2JenniferCausey

House hunting

We’re currently looking for our new home in Amsterdam so I’ve been dreaming (again) of how all my lovely furnishings will look in a new setting. I’ve been thinking of white walls, big windows, wooden floors, stair cases, archways and high ceilings.

I miss our little flat at home but I’m excited at the prospects of a new house with new features and new life. A whole new start.

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