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Pinteresting Beth Kirby

She’s the owner of Local Milk and the creator of these amazing boards. Gather is filled with gorgeous table settings, dinner parties, fairy lights and people enjoying each others company and is just one of the many boards she has that I find myself getting lost in for hours at a time.


(Images: Pinterest)


Pinterest blows my mind! Even though I don’t really see the full point of it and rarely do I ever go back and look at the first few pins on a board of 1,641 I still love it and would be lost if I couldn’t hoard pictures like I can on Pinterest.

I tend to get over excited with the following of boards too and again, rarely go back and appreciate what these boards have to offer (I think this may also be due to fear of being sucked into a black hole of link after link of wonderful things to pin and discover). So, for this very reason I have started “Pinteresting” where I will feature the best of my Pinterest follows so that everyone can feel the joy I do when I find a board dedicated entirely to something I thought only I loved.

The first of these will come tomorrow but in the mean time, a sneak peak. She’s a freelance photographer, stylist, writer and recipe developer based out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her blog, Local Milk is dedicated to recipes and gorgeous food photography, but her Pinterest boards are about far more! Even her blog logo makes me happy.


(Images: Local Milk)

Weekend bliss

Friday afternoons are my favourite time of the week – not having a job at the moment takes a bit of the joy out of it but none the less – its a wonderful feeling knowing the week is winding down, everyone is kicking back a bit and two full days linger for you to do as you please. Relax, meet a friend for tea, sit outside in the garden, read a book, have a nice big breakfast, put the alarm off and sleep in for bit.

The Friday afternoon feeling is even better, I’ve lately discovered, in autumn when the days are getting colder and big mugs of coffee, warm cardigans and soft woollen socks are happily welcomed.

I just love weekends.

happy friday picture thumblrtumblr_mtco0hUcpA1qkww7to1_500tumblr_mqp1tn7VsX1qzavr6o1_500tumblrLucid26e2ae9010dfdc659e0617ef8e5b120a2cf37ec727624f352e9cdde002274da3 Tumblr
02_Breakfast_170 lucid
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Beautiful and inspiring photos from Jennifer Causey of sunny days and heart warming meals that remind me of happy events that no one wants to end. The excited hello’s of visitors arriving and the comfort in hearing someone say, ‘Yes, lets have some tea’ which means that end hadn’t quite arrived.

Jennifer Causey


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