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Missing Summer

Over time I have come to love all season. They all have special charm but for today I am missing that real South African summer feeling and I’ve been thinking about the December summer holidays I used to spend at home, running around in the garden and the hours spent in the swimming pool.

I’m comforted by thoughts of incredibly hot days, dry, silent air, late afternoon rain storms, shorts and dresses, green grass, endless high blue skies, hot bricks around the pool, falling asleep in the sun, warm skin, doggies sleeping in the shade … such wonderful summer memories.

So here are some other beautiful reminders of summer.
where did u get thatLaure Joliet 2

At home at home3

At home at home

At home at home 2

laure joliet 4

Laure jolietluisa brimbleHouse of BrinsonFarmettewe wore what

(Images: Laure Joliet, Luisa Brimble, House of Brinson, Where Did U Get That, We Wore What)

Knuckle Rings

The more rings you can fit on your fingers the better, that’s why I’m loving these.

They all hate us
Galisfly Etsy 3

miss moss dot co dot za

My own

My own


Galisfly Etsy

Galisfly Etsy

Connected to Fashion

Connected to Fashion

Connected to Fashion

(Images: Connected to Fashion, Galisfly, They all Hate Us, Miss Moss)

Featuring the Spanish

When I first discovered fashion blogs I thought I’d died and gone to heaven and what added to my excitement was that the ones I first started following were Spanish, reaffirming my idea that they are probably some of the most stylish people on the planet. (From then on I always thought if I could change my nationality I’d most definitely be a Spaniard)

More than two years down the line I still follow those Spanish style blogs and think now’s the time to pay homage to my top 5.


1. LA’s Blog
This is the very first personal fashion blog I ever found and it never slips my mind to read it. She’s cute, she’s herself, she wears whatever she likes and she makes it look so stylish.



2. Lovely Pepa
Her outfits, her dog and her travels all brought together to provide everyday style inspiration.




3. Seams For a Desire
Always tanned and always gorgeous.


4. My Daily Style
There are two words for her style: feminine and classy



5. Bartabac
She wears the latest trends in every day looks.




People watching and outfit spotting

I love people watching, especially when said people are ridiculously stylish so I’ve put together my top 10 street style blogs to follow.

1. The Satorialist
Of course, the blog that started it all. Scott Schuman’s wildly popular site launched in 2005 and has been steadily growing since then.

The Satorialist

2. Street peeper
One of the most influential street style photographers, Phil Oh’s site features a perfect blend of the street style “in crowd” (Elena Perminova, Miroslava Duma, Susie Bubble, Elisa Nalin, etc) and lesser-know but equally as captivating people throughout New York, Paris, London, Sydney and Milan.


3. Stockholm streetstyle
A packed-to-capacity street blog featuring young, attractive, and amazingly well-dressed folks from Stockholm and beyond.

Stockholm streetstyle

4. Altamira
A blog dedicated to images of models off duty.


5. Tommy Ton
One of the foremost street style photographers, Ton is known for his high-gloss, detailed, aspirational shots of influential industry people. Apart from his own blog, his work can also be seen on Style.com during international Fashion Weeks.

Tommy Ton

6. Candice Lake
Australian-born Lake is a London-based photographer, blogger, model and Contributing Style Editor at Vogue, and her work—namely her wonderful portraits—showcases her industry savvy.


7. Where did u get that street
Her personal style blog Where Did U Get That is superb and this one is nothing less.

Where did u get that street

8. Garbage lapslap
Street style straight out of Japan. (And we all know how that lot dress!)

Garbage lap slaps

9. The Locals
A street style blog portraying the fashion on the streets of Copenhagen and the rest of the world – captured by Søren Jepsen, former photographer and creator of Copenhagen Streetstyle.

The Locals

10. Streetgeist
Streetgeist is a street style photography blog based in Los Angeles. Originally based in Athens Greece streetgeist was born in October 2008 as a street portrait project by two longtime friends that were inspired by other similar projects around the world.


Style: Sneakers

The first thing I noticed when we arrived in Amsterdam was how stylish everyone looked (and I mean everyone. Last week Friday I volunteered as a teacher at an international school and one of the 5 year olds in my company had Burberry pants on!) One of the trends that stood out most were the sneakers, Nike Air Max to be more specific. Worn with anything, these stand out.



Tommy Ton

Tommy Ton

Tommy Ton

Tommy Ton

Tommy Ton

Tommy Ton

Tommy Ton

Tommy Ton



The Man Repeller

The Man Repeller

The Man Repeller

From The Man Repeller

Just like sushi

Just like sushi

Connected to fashion

Connected to fashion

Zara Nike New Balance

New Balance