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Pet Sitting

Don’t you think pets – dogs in particular – make a lovely addition to a home? Such a welcomed sight to come home to everyday.

apartment therapy 2

Apartment therapy


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The Home and Studio of Artist Judy Millar

Auckland New Zealand

Her enchanted garden, breath taking view and a home that is nothing but her very own.

‘Within this environment, Judy creates expressive, often sculptural paintings and installations that reference the history of painting within a conceptual framework. Her works synthesise colour, sound and space. In 2009, she was chosen to represent New Zealand at the Venice Biennale and today, continues to exhibit locally and throughout Europe. Despite her love of travel, Judy continues to be drawn back to the recurring sound of crashing waves below her boathouse.’

See more at Freunde von Freunden






Raw Materials, Amsterdam

We visited a shop on Saturday called Raw Materials. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

Everything in the shop is unpolished, weathered, used, recycled and made from natural materials. The pieces add a natural and industrial feel to interiors and come from exotic places like India, China and Nepal.

I could spend hours here.

20131102_130048 (360x640)
20131102_124747 (360x640)

20131102_125005 (360x640)

20131102_125018 (360x640)

20131102_125132 (360x640)

20131102_125159 (360x640)

20131102_125222 (360x640)

20131102_125345 (360x640)

20131102_125439 (360x640)

20131102_125632 (360x640)

20131102_125649 (360x640)

20131102_125713 (360x640)

20131102_125807 (360x640)

20131102_125906 (360x640)

Bears and Badgers

That pencil scarf is amazing, by the way.





Another wonderful find on my new favourite site for things I’ll never buy, Etsy. Julia Pott posters of bears and badgers in chunky knit sweaters and mittens, and an unlikely friendship between a sloth and a mammoth. This, my friends, is art. Van Gogh who?

(Images: Julia Pott, Etsy)