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The Home of Elio Ferraro

Antique Expert and Gallery Store Owner, Elio Ferraro’s Apartment in Florence is busy, lively and interesting. I particularly love the balcony.

“Interested in discovering different cultures travel was an on-going preoccupation for Elio which led to countless art and fashion discoveries now amassed into an extremely eclectic and impressive personal collection. Beauty is found within the walls of his tranquil home in the historical centre of Florence; somewhat of an island or refuge. Rich colours and individual objects become united, presenting an awe-inspiring integrated environment.”

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Images: FvF

Blooming Lovely

luisa bimblePH fitzgerald

PH fitzgerald2


Amy Merrick 2

Amy Merrick 3

Amy Merrick

Amy Merrick – So incredibly beautiful

Tumblr and Pinterest

Tumblr and Pinterest


tumblr_m0fu7eB8TV1qan7xfo1_500ADailySomething-Anthropologie-Blog-68apartment therapybloodandchampagne5826jasmin harmony and designlaure joliet

I was bought the most beautiful bunch of yellow tulips the other day (and again this weekend) and ever since seeing those lovely bright flowers on the table each morning I’ve been inspired to have flowers of all shapes and colours in our home. I will attempt some flower arranging of my own over the next two days with this as my inspiration.

Inspired Today

Yesterday was a lovely day off, which I absolutely adore! (It is thanks to my job that I can appreciate these days so much, so even though I am back to work today, I am happy to be.)

I found so many new blogs to explore, wonderful talented people and beautiful photographs that inspired this…

Happy Wednesday!

Cabin Pornph fitzgerald

ph fitzgerald2

ph fitzgerald3

ph fitzgerald4

ph fitzgerald42
square meal 2

square meal

Images: Square Meal, Parker Fitzgerald, Cabin Porn)

The Beauty of Home

I absolutely love it when I start reading a post or an article, click on a link and end up finding a gold mine of beautiful homes, travel destinations and gorgeous photographs and links that lead into yet more new discoveries.

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All images (and more) here

Missing Summer

Over time I have come to love all season. They all have special charm but for today I am missing that real South African summer feeling and I’ve been thinking about the December summer holidays I used to spend at home, running around in the garden and the hours spent in the swimming pool.

I’m comforted by thoughts of incredibly hot days, dry, silent air, late afternoon rain storms, shorts and dresses, green grass, endless high blue skies, hot bricks around the pool, falling asleep in the sun, warm skin, doggies sleeping in the shade … such wonderful summer memories.

So here are some other beautiful reminders of summer.
where did u get thatLaure Joliet 2

At home at home3

At home at home

At home at home 2

laure joliet 4

Laure jolietluisa brimbleHouse of BrinsonFarmettewe wore what

(Images: Laure Joliet, Luisa Brimble, House of Brinson, Where Did U Get That, We Wore What)

Home: Where creativity lives

Whether its a desk in an office block, a home office or a work bench surrounded by tools and slashes of paint, I believe that what surrounds you while you work offers inspiration and creativity that shows in your final product.

Blood and Champagne
PinterestPinterest 2

Markus Lawett via Agent Bauer

Markus Lawett via Agent Bauer

Markus Lawett via Agent Bauer

Markus Lawett via Agent Bauer

Kristofer Johnsson via Agent Bauer

Kristofer Johnsson via Agent Bauer

Brian Ferry

Brian Ferry

Blood and Champagne

Blood and Champagne


(Images: Blood and Champagne, Agent Bauer, Pinterest)

Shoesday: Where did U get those ankle boots?

Inspired by blogger Karen Blanchard at Where Did U Get That? ankle boots are perfect for autumn and winter, with skirts and shorts, jeans and dresses. Flat or heeled, vintage or modern she’ll wear them and look fabulous while doing it. 

Where Did U Get That?

Where Did U Get That?

Where Did U Get That

Where Did U Get That

Ankle boots Polyvore

1 – Massimo Dutti
2, 3 and 4 – Choies
5 – Sol Sana
6 – Choies
7 – River Island
8 and 9 – Choies

(Images: Where Did U Get That)

From the boys

A style I love most. Feminine paired with a touch of masculinity in the form of blazers, brogues, moccasins and structured trousers. Despite chilly ankles in winter, I think brogues need to become a part of my wardrobe right now.

Stockholm Streetstyle

Stockholm Streetstyle

Stockholmstreetstyle 2SSS 3SSS 2Masculine 2


Where Did U Get That?

Where Did U Get That?

Stella McCartney

I don’t know if this old news but I just came across this Stella McCartney mohair jumper and oversized coat and I almost died! Its gorgeous and the colours are perfect for any outfit.

This is the top of the list winter must have with a lovely oversized price (€780) so for now these will have to stay in my virtual cupboard and maybe, if I find them in a shop I’ll PPS them and get to wear it at least once in my life.

Stella McCartneyStella McCartneyVogue UKTwo DenimStockholm StreetstyleStockholm StreetstylePolyvorehowtowear2Polyvorehowtowear

1 – Stella McCartney
2 – Romygold
3 – H&M
4 – Choies
5 – Tom Taylor

(Images: Stockholm Streetstyle)