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The Home of Elio Ferraro

Antique Expert and Gallery Store Owner, Elio Ferraro’s Apartment in Florence is busy, lively and interesting. I particularly love the balcony.

“Interested in discovering different cultures travel was an on-going preoccupation for Elio which led to countless art and fashion discoveries now amassed into an extremely eclectic and impressive personal collection. Beauty is found within the walls of his tranquil home in the historical centre of Florence; somewhat of an island or refuge. Rich colours and individual objects become united, presenting an awe-inspiring integrated environment.”

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Images: FvF

Blooming Lovely

luisa bimblePH fitzgerald

PH fitzgerald2


Amy Merrick 2

Amy Merrick 3

Amy Merrick

Amy Merrick – So incredibly beautiful

Tumblr and Pinterest

Tumblr and Pinterest


tumblr_m0fu7eB8TV1qan7xfo1_500ADailySomething-Anthropologie-Blog-68apartment therapybloodandchampagne5826jasmin harmony and designlaure joliet

I was bought the most beautiful bunch of yellow tulips the other day (and again this weekend) and ever since seeing those lovely bright flowers on the table each morning I’ve been inspired to have flowers of all shapes and colours in our home. I will attempt some flower arranging of my own over the next two days with this as my inspiration.

Inspired Today

Yesterday was a lovely day off, which I absolutely adore! (It is thanks to my job that I can appreciate these days so much, so even though I am back to work today, I am happy to be.)

I found so many new blogs to explore, wonderful talented people and beautiful photographs that inspired this…

Happy Wednesday!

Cabin Pornph fitzgerald

ph fitzgerald2

ph fitzgerald3

ph fitzgerald4

ph fitzgerald42
square meal 2

square meal

Images: Square Meal, Parker Fitzgerald, Cabin Porn)

The Beauty of Home

I absolutely love it when I start reading a post or an article, click on a link and end up finding a gold mine of beautiful homes, travel destinations and gorgeous photographs and links that lead into yet more new discoveries.

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Home comforts

While all my homely belongings slowly make their way over the ocean soon to be placed in nice new surroundings I have discovered H&M Home. I didn’t even know there was such a thing!

Animals with hats on, fake fur, cows, rabbits and chunky knit throw blankets are just my style and I am sure  a pillow with a racoon in glasses should go unnoticed? Even though I’ve been threatened with death if I add another throw cushion to our couch or bed, which is fair enough considering we had to buy another couch just to accommodate all the cushions.

H&M Home


Home: Where creativity lives

Whether its a desk in an office block, a home office or a work bench surrounded by tools and slashes of paint, I believe that what surrounds you while you work offers inspiration and creativity that shows in your final product.

Blood and Champagne
PinterestPinterest 2

Markus Lawett via Agent Bauer

Markus Lawett via Agent Bauer

Markus Lawett via Agent Bauer

Markus Lawett via Agent Bauer

Kristofer Johnsson via Agent Bauer

Kristofer Johnsson via Agent Bauer

Brian Ferry

Brian Ferry

Blood and Champagne

Blood and Champagne


(Images: Blood and Champagne, Agent Bauer, Pinterest)

The home of David Karp

Extract from the feature article in the New York Times on the home of Tumblr founder and CEO, David Karp:

“I don’t like screens very much. Big bright monitors drive me nuts”; screens in the bedroom are “gross.” Karp takes his rule seriously, for in his newly renovated loft, in south Williamsburg, Brooklyn, screens are scarce, as is, for that matter, anything particularly shiny or smooth. It is, instead, a dedication to all that is aged, rough or both: ancient bricks, weathered concrete, blackened steel and reclaimed oak.”

The New York Times

The New York Times


(Images: The New York Times)

Living hippie

I’ve started going to Bikram yoga. Its quite a gross affair because the room is heated and you spend 90 minutes in a class full of strangers sweating like race horses, and me not being one for other peoples bodily fluids, I find it hard to control my gag reflexes when the instructor walks past and suddenly I feel as if I’m standing under a leaky gutter.

That said, however, I find it quite relaxing (once its over) and quite amusing too because people take stretching and lying on their backs very seriously. They come in, unsmiling, with their shorts pulled up to their eye balls and a look that says ‘I’m here to become one with the sweat and get in touch with my inner little Indian man’ (when in actual fact all they are really projecting is that they’re unemployed and that’s why they’re able to attend a yoga class at 12:00 on a Monday afternoon. After all, that’s why I was there.)

I’ve always associated yoga with wealthy housewives and hippies. I’ve always had a soft spot for hippie type living – if you can call it that – probably because of the home I grew up in and although now that I can choose my preference is minimalist, white and clean, a hippyish/ boho styled house lends a certain air of charm and makes the welcome in seem even grander than most places.

From one of the first blogs I ever followed, Moon to Moon offers an escape into that free-spirited, house plant filled, charming-piles-of-delightful-crap-everywhere world.


Moon to MoonMoon to MoonLa Maison Bohemekitchen pink bohemian moon to moonkitchen greenhousekitchen bohemian interior Moon to mooninterior2ganfarmhouse masterfarmhouse bathroomdoorwayboho housebed nook

(Images: Moon to Moon)

Weekend bliss

Friday afternoons are my favourite time of the week – not having a job at the moment takes a bit of the joy out of it but none the less – its a wonderful feeling knowing the week is winding down, everyone is kicking back a bit and two full days linger for you to do as you please. Relax, meet a friend for tea, sit outside in the garden, read a book, have a nice big breakfast, put the alarm off and sleep in for bit.

The Friday afternoon feeling is even better, I’ve lately discovered, in autumn when the days are getting colder and big mugs of coffee, warm cardigans and soft woollen socks are happily welcomed.

I just love weekends.

happy friday picture thumblrtumblr_mtco0hUcpA1qkww7to1_500tumblr_mqp1tn7VsX1qzavr6o1_500tumblrLucid26e2ae9010dfdc659e0617ef8e5b120a2cf37ec727624f352e9cdde002274da3 Tumblr
02_Breakfast_170 lucid
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