The Colours of India

My Mom is in Calcutta at the moment so I’ve been thinking a lot about India and the time I’ve spent there. I absolutely love the colonial architecture and the old buildings in the cities and villages covered in moss. When I think of an Indian home (and India in general) I think of shuttered windows, deep porches, ceiling fans, house plants and wooden furniture, inviting and colourful, the sound of crows in sky, beautiful woman dressed in bright sparkly saris, beautiful fabrics and flowers, fresh fruit stalls, food stalls set up on every busy corner, the hooting and smell of incense, wood fires and diesel fumes all mixed together to create a wonderful place where you can get lost for hours and there is something new around every corner.

What an amazing place and such a privilege to be of those who have fallen in love with it.

(Images: An Indian Summer, The Big Bang Studio A blog which deserves a post of its own)




India - verandah 1

India - verandah sense and simplicity

India 3

Sense and simplicity






A passage to IndiaAnIndianSummer_DiwaliInspiration9






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