Kilim Style

I’ve fallen in love with the oriental rug. I love the designs, the colours, the textures and even the smell of the thick woven material.

Anything Kilim or oriental design has landed on my Christmas wish list and I think a lovely, light coloured runner going through a passage would be a grand finishing touch to a home.

There are SO many beautiful colours and designs (which means I’ll have to do another post on them) but these are some of my favourites.

Yamood Turkman Carpets

Yamood Turkman Carpets

Sofart - Etsy

Sofart – Etsy

Kharma kitten questirugsIrug 3il_570xN.376794973_an2eil_570xN.336451489

At home

LaurenjolietIrug 4bloodandchampagne5346bloodandchampagne5339bloodandchampagne5311bloodandchampagne5304

Not just carpets

Not just carpets


2 thoughts on “Kilim Style

  1. Roger

    Love your site. Have just barely scratched the surface. Found it via “kilim”. A rug I’m told is a Kilim has found its way to me. Until it did, I had never heard of Kilim. Am happy to send you a photo. If you had one, is there a place you would turn to maybe find out something about it, like the symbology, place of origin, etc?


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