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Its made my must-have list, maybe only one day when I’m old and grey but a warn soft leather Chesterfield is a statement piece that screams sophistication. Its a classic piece of furniture known for sitting at the centre of a study or library but its so beautiful that, if I had one I’d style it as an everyday item.


5 thoughts on “Chesterfield


    I love, love, LOVE Chesterfield’s. They are an item that will last for years to come and will age gracefully if looked after right. Hubby spoilt me with the purchase of two matching deep red leather 3 seaters chester’s about 10 years ago, and we also inherited an older, distressed, brown leather 3 seater from my folks… We were in our early 20’s then and saved and scrimped (to get the furniture of my dreams) and the Chester’s are as amazing now, as they were then. I couldn’t recommend them enough… True effortless style!


    1. Route54 Post author

      We actually found one yesterday at an antique shop and I dropped a HUGE hint at what I want for Christmas. I love pieces of furniture with a story. x x


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