Living hippie

I’ve started going to Bikram yoga. Its quite a gross affair because the room is heated and you spend 90 minutes in a class full of strangers sweating like race horses, and me not being one for other peoples bodily fluids, I find it hard to control my gag reflexes when the instructor walks past and suddenly I feel as if I’m standing under a leaky gutter.

That said, however, I find it quite relaxing (once its over) and quite amusing too because people take stretching and lying on their backs very seriously. They come in, unsmiling, with their shorts pulled up to their eye balls and a look that says ‘I’m here to become one with the sweat and get in touch with my inner little Indian man’ (when in actual fact all they are really projecting is that they’re unemployed and that’s why they’re able to attend a yoga class at 12:00 on a Monday afternoon. After all, that’s why I was there.)

I’ve always associated yoga with wealthy housewives and hippies. I’ve always had a soft spot for hippie type living – if you can call it that – probably because of the home I grew up in and although now that I can choose my preference is minimalist, white and clean, a hippyish/ boho styled house lends a certain air of charm and makes the welcome in seem even grander than most places.

From one of the first blogs I ever followed, Moon to Moon offers an escape into that free-spirited, house plant filled, charming-piles-of-delightful-crap-everywhere world.


Moon to MoonMoon to MoonLa Maison Bohemekitchen pink bohemian moon to moonkitchen greenhousekitchen bohemian interior Moon to mooninterior2ganfarmhouse masterfarmhouse bathroomdoorwayboho housebed nook

(Images: Moon to Moon)


4 thoughts on “Living hippie

  1. kevan

    I roared with laughter, if roared is what one does when one LOL,at your yoga entry and the very pleasing turn of phrase that took my fancy.

    Your hippie references and its possible impact on you stemming from your upbringing in the rather “shabby chic” house that Dad built, also caused a crease to form near the corners of my mouth.

    If, there is a “style” to which I subscribe, (but there is’nt) or one to which I would be drawn, it would be boho with a touch of country living. Boho allows one complete freedom and imposses no rules or demands on the adherent. It is therefore, intrinsically, free spirited.

    I will follow your blog.

    Love you, Dad

    1. Route54 Post author

      Even if you are the only one that reads them I continue to communicate with you through these posts.

      Thank you for my home that Dad built.


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